I'm Mohd Hairul Nizam

Senior Lecturer

Software Engineering Department, University of Malaya

Hello, it's me!

I am currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya.

I am keen to supervise postgraduates students (PhD and Master Degree) focusing on the following topics: Software Process, Software Project Management, Software Process Improvement, Software Quality, Software Testing, Requirement Engineering, E-Learning and Soft Computing

Latest Research Projects:

FRGS 2015: Enhanced Project Management Methodology for
Malaysian Small Medium Software Development Companies

UMRG 2015: A Study On Social Media Tools and Measurement Techniques to be Implemented In Malaysia

UMRG 2015: Flowchart based Bayesian Network Tutoring
System for Learning Computer Programming

RAGS 2015: Socio-Technical Congruence: A Model Assessing the Impact of Socio and Technical Dependencies on Software Quality


Research Articles Published


Graduated Master Students

Academic Project Coordinator


Intellectual Property Filed



Research Projects Completed

What I do?

Teaching Programming Courses

OOP (Java), Data Structure (Java), OOP-PHP & MySQL, HTML5/CSS3

Teaching Non-Programming Courses

Software Quality, Software Process and Metrics, Software Engineering, Requirement Engineering

Admin Duties

Academic Project Coordinator, Innovative Product Project Initiative (IPPI) Team Members

Abut my past Resume

  • University of MalayaOctober 2014 - Present

    Senior Lecturer

    Received my PhD Degree from UTM in year 2014

  • University of Malaya2005 - 2014


    Received my Master Degree(full research) from UM in year 2005

  • University of Malaya2003 - 2005


    I did my master degree at UM in year 2004

  • Prime Minister Department2003 - 2004

    Assistant Director

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